Back to work!

I'm back on campus for Honors College, two and a half weeks for getting a head start on writing the honors thesis. There are 90 of us from different departments. Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Ethics in Society are combined into one group. Over this time, I have to turn in a 5 page prospectus of the thesis, and I'm also going to be doing a lot of other work, including some reading, writing brainstorming, and more interviews. I did another interview today, and it was fascinating. Going back to the common thread about marriage, I asked her if she would have considered marrying a non-Muslim man (she is already married). Maybe, she said, but there was too much family pressure to marry a Muslim instead, the man she married converted to Islam. Her father had done the same thing.

This fascinates me because it's completely the opposite of the stereotype that women convert to marry Muslim men, but you would think we would see this more often, since technically Muslim men can marry Muslim, Jewish, or Christian women, while Muslim women are supposed to marry Muslim men.

I'm excited to look into this more, and to start really getting to work on my thesis in the next couple weeks.