Radio appearance

I was on the radio today! A friends mom is the host of the Doctor Radio show "Nurse Practitioner," which runs once a month on the station, which is at the NYU Medical Center. This month, her show was on cultural considerations in providing good health care, and after hearing about my summer work, she invited me to be a guest! The show runs for two hours, and I was on for the second half, along with the social worker she works with, and a phone-in guest from LA who is also a nurse. During the second hour, we talked primarily about Muslim families, but used that to branch out to talking about all sorts of people from various backgrounds.

I'm honored that she asked me to be a guest. I don't feel like I'm an expert about Muslim women, and I certainly know very little about healthcare and patient care. But I managed to draw conclusions from my research and talk about things like not stereotyping, understanding that women may not be comfortable with male doctors or nurses, and keeping in mind things like Ramadan and dietary restrictions. And I felt so official, with big headphones on and a giant mic in front of me, complete with a "cough" button to push to mute the mic.

It was a lot of fun, and I'm thankful to Nurse Chibbaro for having me on!