The most interesting common thread through my 5 interviews thus far: each woman has said, basically unequivocally, that she wouldn't consider marrying a non-Muslim man. I expected it to some level - that's why the question exists on my list. But I was unprepared for the unanimity of it. It is the one question, besides "Do you consider yourself Muslim?" that is answered abruptly and mostly without explanation or clarification. I think this is partly because of the idea (I have to research and find out to what extent it is a rule/law - where it shows up, who said it, etc) in Islam that Muslim women can only marry Muslim men, while Muslim men can only marry people of the book. I suspect in the historical context this was because the men tended to have more say in the family, so having a Muslim father was pretty much a guarantee that the children would be Muslim. Though it would be interesting to see a Muslim man and Jewish woman, since Judaism is passed matrilineally.

I'm curious to see what my other interviewees have to say, but this is definitely going to be a section of thesis, probably along with some other "Family" stuff.