Transcribing is really, really difficult. I knew that in theory, but after transcribing my first interview, I understand it now. My first problem was kind of silly: I'm not used to hearing my voice recorded, so at first I had a little trouble distinguishing between our voices. Usually, of course, I could tell based on what we were saying, but sometimes the interjections that weren't questions or answers, just clarifying points, were had to distinguish. I figured that out, though, and it as mostly smooth after that. There were sometimes I couldn't decipher exactly what was said, so I'll go back and listen to those parts over and over.

The main thing, though, is just how tedious and long of a process transcribing is. I don't know exactly how long it took me to transcribe the half hour interview, since I did it over the course of two days and took a lot of breaks. I do know that the transcript is an 11-page Word document, and that's after taking out all the ums and most of the likes.

I'm enjoying my project, and I'll be glad to have so much to work with, but I'm not sure I'll ever get used to transcribing. I could get software that does it, or pay someone to do it, but I think I would be so nervous that it would be wrong that I would end up listening that closely to all of it anyway.

So it goes. I've found something I dislike about doing research...but I don't think that's enough to put me off of it. So back I go, to do two more interviews today.