More interviews and a Ramadan class

I had two interviews on Friday. Both happened to be with women who had converted to Islam, and it was really great to hear their opinions and perspectives. One of the women didn't cover her head, so that was a new perspective as well. I'm really hoping to get a wide range of women, and so far I'm doing well: a woman who was born Muslim but chose to cover (her mother didn't until she started to cover), a woman who converted who covers, and a woman who converted who doesn't cover. I have another interview tomorrow, and one scheduled for the week after, putting me at 5. That's halfway to my minimum goal! So that's good. I have another potential or two, and I'm hoping that I'll get in touch with some more as well.

Yesterday evening I went to the Women's Circle at the MECCA Center, an Islamic Center that mostly reaches out to converts and those interested in learning about Islam. There were a lot of women there. The topic was preparing for Ramadan, both spiritually and physically, in terms of how to best fast, what to eat, and how to exercise to make it through. It was really interesting. There were women from a lot of backgrounds and ethnicities. Most of them were over my target age group, but one expressed interest and I didn't want to turn her down just cause she was a few years older than what I was looking at. I left flyers at the Center, so perhaps more people will get in touch.

So far, I have been really satisfied with my interviews. And in between, I slog through transcribing.